Whole Milk Yogurt from Argyle Cheese Farmer

This incredibly delicious, all natural yogurt is produced on-site at the family farm located in Argyle, NY, just north of Saratoga Springs. It’s made with extremely high quality milk from their hormone-free 50 cow herd; 100% of the farm’s forages is grown to feed the cows. There is no gelatin, fillers, high-fructose corn syrup, or even sugar in the yogurt, just milk and 5 active cultures in the plain yogurt. In the maple syrup yogurt, they use maple syrup from their neighbor’s farm. It’s only a hint of maple flavor and the sweetness is subtle. Since it’s made with fresh non-homogenized milk, which results in a cream-topped yogurt, separation may occur. If you find that your first spoonful is just a clear liquid, it’s okay to stir it back in. There is just one disclaimer Argyle Cheese Farmer gives to its customers, though:

“WARNING: After you try this yogurt you will find it hard to return to the large commercial brands.”