Espresso Bar

In the coffee world, we would like to think that Nolita Mart & Espresso Bar represents an independent shop that is doing something right. It means we are not able to cater to the lowest common denominator—those people that do not make an effort to know. And that is fine with us. We make “slow coffee.” Every single cup is hand crafted to order.

In describing our slow coffee program… we are deliberate; three guiding principles come to mind:

>Stay local. We consciously stay local. Our main coffee supplier is Stumptown Roasters who roast locally in Red Hook, Brooklyn. We also bring in additional artisan roasters such as One Village Coffee, Chromatic, Cuvee, Victrola and Coava. We specialize in serving seasonal single origin beans at our brew bar. Our milk is from Battenkill Valley Creamery, a Hudson Valley family farm. Our water is simply, filtered NYC tap water.

>Make it slowly. We don’t rush anything. The fastest cup of coffee will take 3 minutes from our hand pour over bar where we grind single origin beans to order. Other coffee may take much longer through our siphon or clever brew method. Our iced coffee is cold brewed and takes 12 hours to make. While our espresso drinks are skillfully pulled on a La Marzocco GB5 and complimented with latte art.

>Keep improving. We challenge ourselves to make the right cup. We regularly re-evaluate every aspect of our coffee making process. We are not scared to experiment.

As a result, our customers have a certain expectation of excellence when they walk through our doors—which we have met since our beginning.

Barista Profiles

Vanessa, an accomplished latte artist, hails originally from Jersey. She is a graduate of Pratt Institute and also attended Ringling School of Art and Design. She has been a NYC based barista since 2008. When not pouring birds, bears, skulls, or whatever latte art you can think of, Vanessa designs t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, hand bags, and scarves and is expert at silk screening. See her work at

We are always seeking part time qualified baristas with a passion for pulling the perfect shot and creating unique latte art.  If you have experience working on equipment similar to ours in a fast paced environment, please email us your resume.